Friday, January 8, 2010

hey! guess what!!!

asher's tube is infected again!

we changed the dressing today, and lo and behold, it was all things nasty infection. blech. so i called our paediatrician, who said, "ok, which med do you want?" i told her clyndamycin, since it's the one that works (she isn't the one who gave us clavulin). doc asked, "ok, no problem, but you've gotta give me some time, b/c i don't have the dose here, and i'll have to look it up."

would you be surprised to know that i replied with, "oh, i have it right here." LOL

so, i gave her the dose, specified PO instead of G-tube, which was a lovely specification. (for those who don't know, "PO" means "by mouth." that's right, folks, asher now takes all his meds by mouth!) then i gave her the number for the pharmacy, and we picked up the med tonight. LOL

anyhoo, just thought i'd let you know, b/c i promised that i'd post about the infection, when/if the clavulin worked. and it didn't.

and there's another fun post, but i'll do that tomorrow, when i'm not so tired. it's about asher's 3-year check-up, which was earlier this week. oh, wait, that was only yesterday. yeah, i'm going to bed now. goodnight! :)

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