Monday, September 28, 2009

enough of the bad news... here's what he's REALLY like :)

at bedtime tonight, i asked asher to put his boots by the door. i meant, in the basket with all the other kids' shoes, or on the shoe rack with mine. i forgot that a 2-year-old asher is a literal asher. lol
we were cuddling in bed tonight, trying to get him to sleep. (didn't work, btw... he's playing with blocks right now... serves me right for letting him fall asleep at 5pm.) anyway, he rolled over so he was facing me, and he said, "mommy, you so pretty. you so snuggly, too." and then he threw his arms around me and hugged me.
he plays with charlie (our dog) every chance he gets. and charlie is very patient, letting asher grab onto his face, pull his legs, that sort of thing. sometimes, charlie starts licking him, which gets shrieks of delight and "charlie likes me! charlie likes me!!"
we went grocery shopping today, and he threw a fit when i wouldn't buy him cheese strings. he absolutely loves those things!! the kid's obsessed with fake cheese! ugh!
i think that's about it for now. there's a million other things, but i'm gonna keep them for myself, if you don't mind. ;) i just wanted you to know he's more than a wonky heart and feeding tube. he's an absolute joy, and i adore him. <3

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Nana said...

He is an absolute delight!