Sunday, September 27, 2009

because it's not enough with asher's stuff...

so much has happened recently around here...

asher's tube is still (or again) infected, quite badly. doc put him back on clyndamycin for another week. i'm hoping this will clear it up, because he spent wednesday, thursday and part of friday crying because his tube hurt so badly. he hasn't been crying this weekend, so i think it's on the mend.

i'm going to try something new with him once this course of antibiotics is done. i'm going to try giving him some probiotics. he's been on antibiotics since early august, with only a few days here and there without them. and given that, after the staph infection earlier this month, he ended up with a fungal infection in the tube site, i really think this has the potential to help him immensely. (for those who don't live in paeds clinics: antibiotics kill bacteria. that's what they're for. and they do a good job. but the problem is that they kill all the bacteria. our bodies still need some bacteria to keep everything balanced. but when the good bacteria is gone, it disrupts the balance, and things like yeast and fungus can begin to cause problems, which explains why some people struggle with yeast infections while on antibiotics. probiotics help restore the balance to the body, by promoting the growth of "good" bacteria.)

on another non-asher note... blithe was diagnosed earlier this week with ADHD. and, i know this will shock you, so make sure you're sitting before continuing to read this sentence... sitting?... good. i've started a blog. it's called My Girlie & Me, and in it, i'm going to write about how blithe is doing, medical and non-medical ways of dealing with this condition and how blithe is doing with it all, and resources i've found on the subject. feel free to check it out: i just set it up today, but rest assured there will be more posts coming. (as if there was any doubt about that! LOL)

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