Monday, October 24, 2011

Asher requested this specifically

yesterday, out of the blue, i started to sing this song to the kidley-winks. oh, wait! i think blithe was working on math homework. that's probably it. anyway... i started singing this, and the kidley-winks absolutely loved it! so now, asher has asked that i put it on his blog, so that you can enjoy it, too.

and, of course, once i found a clip of the song performed on The Muppet Show, i had to post that one. ;)



Anonymous said...

Thank you , Asher. I love this song. <3 Nana

The Popes said...

We are just about to finalize our 22 month olds adoption. He has HlHS. In fact, I'm sitting at Tge cardiologist office now waiting on his ECHO. Ice enjoyed reading your sons story. Thanks for sharing your journey.