Tuesday, July 12, 2011

it's the morning of our resp appointment...

and here i sit, not sure how i actually feel about it all.

we're adding another specialist today. asher's been wheezing for a while now, he has a nasty wet and crackly cough, his sats are dropping. nothing much shows up on x-ray, but maybe the CT scan will show something when the time comes.

it's all so strange... it almost feels pointless, going to see another doctor, hoping they'll fix my baby, since they can't. sure, maybe they can fix his resp issues...

but they can't fix him.


"given that the fontan is palliative, he's doing as well as can be expected."

yes, i know that, technically, that is all good news. he's doing as well as can be expected. hooray!! but...

at the same time...

there's that p word.

why has that comment hit me so hard? i mean, it's completely true. the fontan is palliative. they can't fix asher's heart, but they can make it keep beating for a little while longer. and that's what they've done. but it's not a repair, and it's not permanent. his circulation can't last like this.

it is the very truth of the statement that hurts. i suspect i'd let myself believe that maybe, just maybe, asher will grow up. i mean, he's made it through so much already, right? he should have died so many times by now, and yet here he is, right? maybe he'll beat the odds and he'll finish high school and college and he'll get married and have kids and have a great career and he'll live to be 107.

given that the fontan is palliative, he's doing as well as can be expected.

i can almost hear the clock ticking.

this morning, like the last few weeks, i've been wrestling with the seeming futility of all of this. why bother taking him to emerge? why bother seeing cardio? why bother starting with a new specialist? why bother with tests? if this is the best he's gonna do, then what's the point?!?!


what if these docs can give him just a few more years? then again, what if he still has a few more years, and they can give him ten more years? what if they can do something that will allow him to not only start high school, but to finish high school??

what a horrible thing it is to hope against hope that your child will live long enough to go to high school.

and yet, this is my reality.

there's no denying it: HLHS is a death sentence. given asher's extensive list of diagnoses, and his history, and his present, the odds aren't in his favour for a long life. he's not actively dying right now, thank God. but there are the little things that pop up and add up and take their toll on him...

and on me...

and sometimes, it's just a little much.

and sometimes, it's not nearly enough.

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Wendy said...

((hugs)) and more ((hugs)) You take him to these new specialists because even though his time here is unknown you want to make sure that you make the most of that time here, make sure he's as well as can be for that time and able to fit in as many belly laughs and Asher-isms and snuggles and hugs as possible each day. You do it because you are a wonderful mom to ALL your children and you want the best for them. Sending you love and hugs today, and strength to add this specialist into your life, hoping for good news.