Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so much sweetness

today i let the morning routine slide. (yes, i know, it's only day 3, but i think it was worth it. teehee)

i got up a few minutes late, but i got dressed. came downstairs, took the fresh loaf out of the bread maker, poured myself a cup of coffee that had already brewed (mmm... programmable coffee maker...), and started pondering lunches.

i went upstairs to check on asher, who, unlike blithe and bram, was still asleep.


lying on his back, sprawled out across his bed, mouth open with his sucky dangling precariously from the corner of his lips.

i stood there and watched him for a moment or two...

and let him sleep in.

blithe and bram got ready for school, and i watched them walk to the bus stop. they're so delightful, you know? they walk along, so young and fresh and yet also somehow so grown up... blithe has her uber-girlie walk, and bram with his little man gait. they were chatting and laughing and waving to me when they looked for traffic before crossing the street. and they got to the bus stop and chatted with their friends.

i went back inside and went upstairs to check on asher again.

he was just climbing out of bed, his crazy hair all crazy messy, sucky securely popped back in his mouth, and he flashed the brightest smile when he saw me come in the room.

i got him out of his grinch pj's, and helped him pick out his outfit for the day, and he told me all about his cozy and comfy and warm socks that he picked out a long time ago.

as he walked into the bathroom, i marvelled that just a couple months ago, he was still in diapers, and now here he is, completely potty trained.

i watched him put on his rubber boots on the wrong feet, and smiled.

i offered to help him put his jacket right side out, but he ignored me and kept working on it until the sleeves were right. he put it on by himself and made a zzzzip! when he pulled up the zipper.

he tried to open the front door, which i then unlocked, and he walked outside and waited on the porch while i locked the house.

he climbed up into the truck and plopped himself down in his car seat and chattered away while i buckled him in.

off we went to school, and we held hands as we walked through the front doors and down the hall to his classroom. he showed me his pictures on the wall and door, and told his EA all about his hospital dolly.

and as i left him there, i thought,

how is it possible to be blessed with just so much sweetness in my life?

and i smiled.

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