Monday, October 18, 2010

the plan for tomorrow

the cardiology clinic at SickKids called this morning, and i now have the times for our appointment.

we have to be at bloodwork for 8am (it's usually very busy there, with a long wait, so we need to get there bright and early). after that, we're scheduled for an echo at 9. once that's done, we'll likely have an ECG and then we'll see dr russell.

all this means... asher and i will be hitting the road around 4am. (in case you're wondering why we wouldn't just stay in hamilton overnight... i'm weird. i love driving the 401 in the wee hours.)

i will update tomorrow with all the details. and yes, i'm packing a bag. just in case. last time we had one of these "emergency" appointments, we were admitted, and i believe it's because i hadn't packed anything. haha so we're warding off the "admission spirits" by coming prepared. haha (ok, i'm not actually a superstitious person. but our pattern has been that, when i don't pack anything, we get admitted. when i come prepared for a few days' stay, they send us home. every time. haha) so please pray for us, that we will travel safely, that the appointment will go smoothly, and that asher will show these symptoms. or, if you're more inclined, you can feel free to pray that asher be healed. but since i don't believe that that is the miracle God will do/is doing with asher, i will be praying that he has these symptoms tomorrow.

he actually seems to be getting worse as time goes on. he doesn't have the usual amount of energy, and hokey doodle is he ever irritable!!! (he's usually very laid back and happy, so this is a huge change and pretty difficult, stressful and heartbreaking to deal with.) he's also still puffy and pale. so please pray for us tomorrow.

and some other prayer requests:

please pray for my friend shawna. right now she is on her way to mt sinai hospital for the second day in a row with some very concerning symptoms. she has a lot of health problems at the moment, and what she's facing is terrifying. my heart is just breaking for her. so please pray for her, and for the doctors, and for her family (she has 7 children at home). things are not looking good on a number of fronts for her right now. frankly, i'm really scared for her. i'll keep you updated on her, as well.

a lovely little baby hannah, whose parents i met at SickKids in the spring. hannah has TGA and a couple other heart defects, and well, she's not doing very well at the moment. she has also been in and out of emerg over the last week or so, with some very concerning symptoms. they expect that she will need another surgery in the near future, but they're waiting for it to be absolutely urgent. it's a stressful, frustrating, freaxiating thing to have to watch your baby's health deteriorate before they operate, so please pray for rachel and nick (hannah's dad). please also pray pray pray for hannah.

i think that's about it for now.

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Church of the Holy Sepulcher said...

I was moved by your prayer.
It touched me deeply. My husband and I use every time we feel the need to do something practical and to uplift our prayers.
I am praying for the almighty to help you.