Thursday, December 3, 2009

see? sometimes it's GOOD to be impulsive!!!

this afternoon, i had a to-do list a mile long. and two boys to get dressed so we could pick blithe up from the bus stop. what did i do?

what every good mother does.

sent an email to 2 cardiologists and asher's surgeon.

i said that asher has just turned 3, and he's an amazing person, doing very well, full of life and love and energy ("thank God for HLHS!! if he had a whole heart, i'd never catch him!! LOL"), and how much i appreciate all their hard work to keep asher going.

so i got a nice little note from dr p, who couldn't believe it's been 3 years already.

and then...

i got a reply from...

dr c, asher's surgeon. (see A Lexicon of Asher, on the right sidebar. yup, that's him.)

apparently, he's very happy to see that asher's thriving, and loved the pics. and...

he wants to use asher's story on a website that will be launching within the next month. it will be a place for CHD patients and families, and he thinks asher's story will be a huge inspiration to other heart families. can you imagine being a mother who has just been told her baby has HLHS, and all those feelings (believe me, it's not the greatest news to be given), and then she reads about asher, and sees his pics and how cute and happy and healthy he looks?!

so that's the awesome email i got from the surgeon, and the exciting thing ash and i get to be part of. (some of you were wondering what i was talking about on my status lines earlier tonight. now you know. lol)

i'll post the link when the site is up and running. :) so stay tuned, then check us out!! :)


amanda said...

that is very exciting! i'm sure asher's story will help many families. the world needs more impulsiveness sometimes :)

Lena said...

thats awesome! His story is an inspiration that will help many others out there get the support they need through difficult times :)

ChristophersHeart said...

Oh my goodness, how wonderful! Asher's story will help so many! How great that there will be a website....those first few days/weeks after hearing "congenital heart defects" are so overwhelming, it will be so good for families to have a resource and to see proof that there is hope, that these kids are so amazing, such fighters, such heroes. And that they do leave the hospital and get to be "normal" kids. How amazing that you and Asher will be part of this :)