Monday, January 19, 2009


for those of you who don't know, asher was admitted to sick kids on friday after his emergency sedate echo. dr russell had ordered it after i called her, and after dr b called her, after some, um, issues with london cardio. what's happened to them there?! asher's own doc doesn't know his diagnosis and doesn't recall meeting us. and then there's the incident with a certain NP all but hanging up on asher's paediatrician with a "it's not cardiac so you're going to have to figure this out without us."

so, asher was admitted on friday for observation. he spent saturday morning sitting calmly in a stroller while i was out (have you ever known asher to sit quietly for a couple hours? no, neither have i. this would be the "lethargy" i'd been talking about). once i got back, we went for a walk on the ward. after less than 10 minutes, asher sat down in the middle of the hall, dark blue, with sats at 59%. he was short of breath, and really didn't have the energy to get back to his room on his own. after a nap (2 hours), he played in the playroom. where his sats were in the 60s. and he kept having blue spells.

the next morning, he walked around his room, and after 5 minutes, he was huffing and puffing like a 50-year-old, 300-lb chain smoker with asthma after shoveling a driveway in february in hamilton. (pretty picture, no? lol) this was mentioned on rounds, and the cardio, after reviewing the episodes from saturday, and getting that report from the nurse, described the symptoms as "very concerning."

asher's issues on sunday weren't so much blue spells or sats (though he sat in the low 70s when awake). no, it was his heart rate and blood pressure. BPs were around 110/70, and his heart rate was all over the place. he sat up after a nap, and that sent his heart rate over 140. his walk to the playroom? yeah. 170. and when he took 10 steps to the shelf and back to the table where he'd been sitting, 155. and desat.

this morning on rounds, dr d thanked me for giving them a puzzle on a monday morning. haha, very funny. but she discussed the whole thing with dr r, and came back with this: asher's not going to have a heart attack in the next couple weeks so he's safe to go home. but his symptoms were serious and concerning and require further investingation. so.....

we came home today. they're doing a cath on the 4th, and they're going to look at pressures all over the place. apparently, the pressures in the PAs, around the glenn, were somewhat high in may, so they're starting there. and given asher's love of scar tissue, they're going to check out the pressures in the PVs. we also came home with a holter.

so, drs r and d discussed asher's case today, and they decided on the cath. but they also sent us home b/c these episodes don't seem to cause him to cause him much distress when they happen, and they don't think he'll have a heart attack in the next couple weeks, so he's safe at home. but you'll notice the short date. nice, eh? ugh.


Corrie said...

Hi Heather,
I am in the process of creating a Heart Kids link list for my blog and I was wondering if you would mind if I added Asher to that list.

I'm glad to see that Asher is finally getting the help and attention that he needs and deserves. Wishing you all the best.

ChristophersHeart said...

Sooo curious to hear how it went and glad you are writing letters! Good for you! Glad you are home with a plan and that Dr. Russell has taken Asher back :-)