Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Glife! Bam! teezza!" or, A Boy and His Temper, or Not NPO Anymore (albeit unofficially - wink wink)

... which, translated into actual-speak (as opposed to toddler-speak), is "Blithe! Bram! Pizza!"

so, in case you hadn't yet figured it out, we had pizza for supper tonight. asher's choice. seriously! mom and i were discussing our options (basically just "pizza? or what else is there?"). asher jumped on the "teezza" idea. he even helped nana get it ready! (ok, it was frozen, so he cheered her on). mind you, i don't think he has yet grasped to concept of cooking time. he screamed and wailed the whole time it was in the oven, as though we were depriving him of food. nice, eh?

and let's count the number of things wrong with the previous paragraph. first, we're letting a toddler dictate the menu. next, we're letting a kid with terrible circulation help take food from the freezer. i don't like taking him past the freezer section at the grocery store without a winter coat, mitts and a hat! but there he was tonight. finally, he spent 15 minutes or so screaming (you all remember my dischipline dilemma, right?). that's some great parenting there, let me tell you. lol
anyhoo... eventually, and none too soon for asher, it was time to eat. we put asher in his high chair while i sliced up the pizza. he passed the time calling his sister and brother to the table, and yelling at me to hurry up. yeah, he's a delight today.
i gave him a piece. it's on his plate. now, of course, he's ticked because he has food in front of him and we haven't prayed yet, so he can't eat. (it's almost pavlovian, really.) you can't tell from the pic, but he's the only one at the table.

by now the kids have said grace, and we're digging in. (btw, asher during grace is adorable! he closes his eyes and sort of mumbles along and says "ahmeh" at the end. mom and i are godless heathens, however, because we inevitably just watch him and giggle quietly.)

"don't bother me. i'm eating." 'nuff said.

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ChristophersHeart said...

Oh Heather....he's just too wonderful! And can I tell you how much I love love love to see pictures of him eating and loving it? And being excited about food? How wonderful! How did he do with it? Have you gotten that swallow study booked yet? I am thrilled for you and for little Asher. (and really, could the kid be any cuter? I can totally imagine how adorable it is to watch him say grace!)